About Us

The Green Thumb Project is cultivating community in Northeast Missouri. Inspired by the Ray Miller Elementary school garden, the Project was founded in 2011 by two ambitious women to expand the impact of sustainability education. By teaching sustainable agriculture and acknowledging our children and ourselves as stewards for the earth, we are learning the value growing one’s own food.

We seek to empower NEMO citizens, providing them with the resources they need to make healthy, conscious, local food choices. By networking with farmers and consumers, we are opening doorways that create and encourage a local food enterprise, empowering all of the hands involved in production from the seed to the table.

By providing educational resources to children, parents, and community members, we support and promote the local food movement. We seek to educate our community in sustainability, create more access to affordable local food for everyone, and create community gardens that will improve the health and wellness of our citizens. We are committed to creating a local food network, one garden at a time.

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